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Argument Paper: Web Searching

Limit Search by Reading Level

Limit searches in Google by selecting a Reading Level.

  1. Enter the search
  2. Click on Search tools.
  3. Then select Reading level for a breakdown by percentage of the reading level.

Search results list

Results look like this:

Selecting reading level from results list

The results from Advanced reading level sites will be from sites which are more scholarly

Advanced reading level results list

Search by Domain

You can limit your search results to specific domains, for instance, to .edu, .gov, .org, etc.

Enter your search, followed by site:.domain (site colon dot domain, no spaces) (.edu, .gov, .org, etc.). 

Searching a certain domain

You can also search within a site. For example:

Searching a certain website

Limit Search by Time

Limit searches by time.

1) Enter the search in order to see and click on...

2) Search tools, then on...

3) Any time to pick a time.

4) Custom range allows you to select a date range.

. Limiting searches by time