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Research Paper Help: World Wide Web

Searching the Web

The material on Web sites goes through no editorial process. There is no one "in charge" of the Web. Anyone can publish on the Web, and material does not have to be updated or maintained. In order to select high quality material,evaluate the Web site you plan to use in your research paper. It is also a good idea to print the page(s) you cited because Web material can change daily.

Not all published information is on the Web.  The best information for your research paper may be available only in print format.

Because all search tools are searched differently and return different results, it is a good idea to use at least two different information formats in your research. (Example: Online database and print source)

Remember: no single search tool indexes all of the Web.

Search Engines Guide

Don't just Google, but if you prefer Google to all other search engines, be sure you understand how Google handles searches.

Use the Search Engines Guide to better understand Google. The Guide provides easy access to several Web search tools by type of tool, as well as tips for searching the most popular search engines, evaluating websites, and more. Types of Web tools are listed below.

Meta Search Engines

Meta search engines attempt to search several different Web search tools (both search engines and subject directories) with one search. The problem with these search tools is that they cannot take advantage of unique search features within any tool.

Popular meta search engines include DogPile (which searches more of the large search engines than any other meta search engine) and Startpage.

Specialized Information Engines

Finding Specialized Information