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Culinary Arts: Websites

International Cuisine & Culture

CIA World Factbook: Use the drop down menu on the left, Please select a country to view. Good source of history and politics.

Food in Every Country: Explore the culinary customs of over 72 countries, including local recipes.

Global Destinations: The World on a Plate: Click on the name of a country to see listings. Look for specialized entries like Backgrounder or What to Eat for over 36 countries.

Culinary Arts

All Food Business: Addresses many aspects of running foodservice operations, including personnel issues, food safety inspections, and restaurant forms and checklists.

Culinary Arts and Food Science Career Guide: Explore careers in culinary arts and food science.

Diffords Guide: Bartending website & database guides users in locating drink recipes by name or specific ingredient.

Digital Librarian: Food & Drink: Lists top "Food and Drink" web links, from chocolate to food safety to vegetarianism.  

ServSafe: Food Safety Training ProgramFrom the National Restaurant Association.

USDA Food and Nutrition Information Service: Covers subjects like food composition, food safety, and dietary supplements.

Event Planning