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Poetry Criticism: JSTOR Tips

Searching JSTOR

Think of the JSTOR database as a "store" of older journal articles. To search JSTOR effectively, it is necessary to be aware of the type of article needed and the academic subject.

For example, to search for articles about Robert Frost's "Fire and Ice," two steps are necessary:

STEP 1: Search on author's last name and title of poem in quotes:

STEP 2: page down on search screen, check Language and Literature:


Reading/Printing Articles

The hits screen in JSTOR displays the number of total articles identified.

STEP 1: click on the article title to read and print

STEP 2: once an article has been selected, information for citing is available, the article display occupies most of the page for reading. To print the article, click on View PDF and use the print icon in the upper right.