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Art History: Artist / Background

Biographical Info

Are you researching the life or works of a particular artist? Use these online resources instead of wikipedia for your paper :)

  • Biography in Context (Gale) - Type in your artist's name and get the scoop via journal and magazine articles, up-to-date news articles and even websites, audio and images. 


  • Oxford Art Online - To search for your artist, click "Advanced Search" in top right, then click on the "Biography Search" tab. Type in your artist's name (Lastname, Firstname) and search!

Artist Background

Try these EBSCO databases for background art/artist research.

  • Art Source- Do a quick search for your topic here to get background information from dictionaries and encyclopedias.
  • Funk & Wagnall's New World Encyclopedia (EBSCO) - Do a search to get started on your topic here. Search your topic (e.g. type "cubism," "rococo," or "picasso") and find a brief wikipedia-like article on it that your can cite as a credible source in your paper.

                                                   EBSCO Database Search Page