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Money Matter$: Fun Stuff

This research guide supports the Money Matters project at Pensacola State College. Others interested in better money management will also find useful information here.

Mobile Apps for Budgeting

 Mint - This app is free and easy, and has won several awards.

 Shoeboxed Receipt Scanner and Receipt Tracker - How much do you spend on food? On gas? Use your phone to scan and store your receipts.

 HomeBudget Lite - Keep track of your rent, tuition, groceries, etc.

Poorer Than You

Stephanie Collins of the Poorer Than You blog offers financial advice for young 20-somethings and college students.

As a college student, she ran out of money and had to drop out of school. Her blog explores how she learned to manage her money, get back in school and out of debt.

Financial Entertainment

Learn about managing your personal finances the fun way! 

Play games like Refund Rush, Celebrity CalamityGroove Nation, and Bite Nightclub.  Click on the image to go to

Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street Movement seeks to address social and financial inequality in America.1 The movement began in New York City and has since spread to a wider movement, known more generally as the Occupy Movement.2

Are You in the 99%?