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ARH1002 : Images

For help researching the final ARH1002 project.


  • ARTStor - ARTStor is an extremely large collection of great quality images from museums, photographers, libraries, scholars, photo archives, and artists and artists' estates. Search and click the "QTVR" icon for a fun 360 degree view.
  • CAMIO - Find a huge collection of images of works of art, as well as information like the full title, artist, location, what years the artist worked on it, and the format.

  • National Gallery of Art - Start typing your artist's last name to search. The website has word descriptions of art work (e.g. Mona Lisa Bela is a 11 5/8 x 9 1/2 inch woodcut), as well as artist information and images. To only search for images you can actually see, check IMAGES ONLY under the artist name search box.


  • Google Art Project - The point of google's art project is to digitize art and museum collections. You can select museums, such as the Modern Museum of Art (MoMA) and walk through the building and zoom in on works as if you were there. You can also check out extremely high-resolution works, such as the brush strokes on Van Gogh's Starry Night. You can search via the museum, artist or work.

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Citing Images

To cite images is a little trickier than citing books or articles. Depending on the style, you might have to include the title, artist, who owns the work now, where it's located, date, etc. The PDF file and website below are both great tools for you to learn to cite your images. Both contain good examples.

Google Images

Check out some search tips from PC mag on searching Google images-,2817,2483369,00.asp