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ARH1002 : by Catalog

For help researching the final ARH1002 project.

Catalog searching

To search for an artist:

Type your artist's name (Lastname, Firstname) and do a keyword search. Books entirely about your artist, as well as bigger books with a specific chapter or section about your artist will appear.
Click here to search for books.

To search for information about a time period or geographic region:

Type your subject (e.g. 1600's, Italy) and do a keyword search. Tip: Try searching Art, CountryOrTime (e.g. "Art, Italy" or "Art, Renaissance.")

To search for information about a genre:

Type the genre (e.g. "typography" or "painting") and do a keyword search. Once you click on a title, notice what's written under "Subject" or "Cor.Sub." to find better search terms.


Browsing sections:

The library groups books about similiar subjects together, rather than by author's last name. You can go to these sections to browse through the collection; call numbers beginning with N will help you look for art history books.

N 1-9165 Visual Arts (General)
  400-4042 Art Museums
  4390-5098 Exhibitions
  5198-5299 Private Collections and Collectors
  5300-7418 History of Art
  7429.7-7433 Technique, Composition, Style, etc.
  7475-7483 Art Criticism
  7575-7624.5 Portraits
  7790-8199 Religious Art
  8554-8585 Examination and Conservation of Works of Art
  8600-8675 Economics of Art
  8700-9165 Art and the State, Public Art
NA 1-9428 Architecture
  190-1614 History
  2695-2793 Architectural Design and Drawing
  2835-4050 Archietctural Details, Motives, Decoration, etc.
  4100-8480 Special Classes of Buildings
  9000-9428 Aesthetics of City, City Planning and Beautification
NB 1-1952 Sculpture
NC 1-1940 Drawing, Design, Illustration
  997-1003 Commerical Art, Advertising Art
  1300-1766 Caricature, Pictorial Humor and Satire
  1800-1850 Posters
ND 25-3416 Painting
  1290-1460 Special Subjects
  1700-2495 Watercolor Painting
  2550-2888 Mural Painting
  2890-3416 Illuminating of Manuscripts and Books
NE 1-3002 Print Media
  1-978 Printmaking and Engraving
  1000-1352 Wood Engraving, Woodcuts, Xylography, Block Printing
  1400-1879 Metal Engraving
  1940-2232.5 Etching and Aquatint
  2236-2239.7 Serigraphy
  2250-2570 Lithography
  2800-2890 Printing of Engravings
NK 1-9955 Decorative Arts, Applied Arts, Decoration and Ornament
  1135-1149.5 Arts and Crafts Movement
  1700-3505 Interior Decoration
  3600-9955 Other Arts and Crafts Industries
  3700-4695 Ceramics, Pottery, Porcelain
NX 1-820 Arts in General
  654-694 Religious Arts
  700-750 Patronage of the Arts
  798-820 Special Arts Centers



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