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Bachelor of Applied Science: Organizational Administration: Web Searching

Search Engines Research Guide

Search by Domain

You can limit your search results to specific domains, for instance, to .edu, .gov, .org, etc.

Enter your search, followed by site:.domain (site colon dot domain, no spaces) (.edu, .gov, .org, etc.). For a printable handout on searching by domain name, click here.

You can also search within a site. For example:

Criteria for Evaluating Web Sources

Always consider the source of information critically. Since there is no one "in charge" of what goes on the Internet, anyone can publish anything. This is especially important when researching for academic purposes, but should also be considered when doing personal research. Below are website that list things to consider as you review your Internet sources.

Google Tips

Google's basic search tips include some that are really important:

  • Keep it simple!
  • Add relevant words if you don't see what you want after doing a simple search
  • Use only the important words rather than a full sentence or question

Limits can be applied. See next box.

For academic articles, use Google Scholar. (Click here for Google Scholar FAQs & setting preferences so you can find articles for free)