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Student Discounts: Stretching Your Dollar

Making your money work for you

Managing your money is one of the toughest parts of being an adult. Paying bills, buying groceries, and saving for vacations. There never seems to be quite enough to do what you need and want to do. But by keeping to a budget and following safe and good spending habits, you can stretch your dollar further and save for the future.

Budgeting Apps

Tracking and managing your spending is one of the most important skills you'll need to learn. Whether making sure your bills are paid on time or saving for your dream vacation, budgeting takes time and practice to master. Here are some apps and programs to consider when budgeting.

Mint: Mint keeps all your accounts in one place and links your banking, credit, and other bill accounts together. It's a one stop shop that can help analyze and coordinate when to pay bills, track your spending, and offers advice on when to spend less. 

Toshl Finance: Toshl has a simple interface that lets you set limits to your spending in specific categories to help you plan. 

Left to Spend: If you've used the envelope method to budgeting, using specific funds for specific purchases, this is a digital version. It's simple and a good entry level budgeting tool.

You Need a Budget: YNAB is a paid services, but helps you use every dollar to its best potential. By giving every dollar a place to go, it helps plan your month better and helps to save for the future. 

Budgeting Resources

Wells Fargo: National Bank Wells Fargo offers resources, college credit cards, and savings plans for students and advice both online and in person. Setting up meetings with your banker is easy and can be the first step when planning for school or the future. 

College in Colorado: A Money 101 

PSC Scholarships: PSC's Financial Aid office offers help with finding scholarships, setting up payment plans, and making taking classes at PSC easy. College Scholarships is a collection of scholarships for a variety of programs and colleges. You can search by specific achievements or programs of study.