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ESOL Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced - Echegaray


1. Your favorite activities on your day off.

2. Good or bad reasons to watch or avoid TV.

3. Good or bad reasons to live in an apartment vs. a house.

4. The person whom you most admire or dislike, and the reasons why.

5.  Describe the educational system in your country, excluding preschool levels.  Discuss any level or levels above kindergarten: 

  • Elementary
  • Secondary
  • University
  • Vocational education.

Five-Paragraph Essay

Note: This essay is only an example.  Choose one of the topics to the left.

Introduction:  Overview of topic and statement of your position.

Movies are always fun to watch, but I enjoy some types of movies more than others.  Usually I enjoy foreign films the most.

First point  Information / example and your opinion about it.

Action movies range from science fiction like Star Wars to horror movies like Stephen King's It.  I like (or don't like) action movies because...

Second point

Romance movies like The Shape of Water are good if they're serious, but I avoid romantic films that try to be funny.  

Third point

Foreign films are my favorite, because they look at things from a different point of view.  I don't mind subtitles; I can read them and still keep up with the plot.

Conclusion  Summary of your essay 

Lots of people like action and romantic movies, but I enjoy thoughtful foreign films.  Although there are many different types of movies, some appeal to me more than others.


Organize your essay like a sandwich:

  1. Introduction (First slice of bread).                  Overview of topic and statement of thesis.  Move from general statements to specific examples.
  2. First point.  (Meat)
  3. Second point (Cheese)
  4. Third point (Lettuce and Tomato garnish).
  5. Conclusion (Last slice of bread).                            Restate your thesis from the first paragraph.  Move from specific examples to general statements.