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Vietnam War Memory Project: SPC 1608

This guide has been developed to assist students and instructors participating in Pensacola State College's Vietnam War Memory Project.

This page is for students enrolled in Dr. Jen Ehrhardt's Survey of Mass Communication course, SPC 1608 and focuses on the media coverage of the Vietnam War.

Student Presentations Summer Term D 2016

Click on the image to access speeches given by Summer Term D 2016 SPC 1608 students.  

Topics include:

  • Flying Into Medical History: Medevac Helicopters
  • The Vietnam War Turning Point: The Tet Offensive
  • The Result of Mines and Booby Traps: Vietnam War Amputees
  • Vietnam War: Fight as a Troop or Flee as a Draft Dodger
  • Napalm: An Advanced Technology
  • "I am Become Death": Military Ethics and Agent Orange
  • Student Activism Gone Wrong: The Kent State Incident
  • Combat Nurses: Heroes of the Vietnam War
  • Home Sweet Home: Vietnam Veteran's Journey Home Fom the War
  • War-Torn African Americans:  Civil Rights Movement During the Vietnam War
  • Childhood Trauma of War: Vietnam
  • Operation Care Packages: Give Back to Those Who Serve
  • The Vietnam War and the Anti-War Movement
  • Medicine of Vietnam
  • Long-Range Radios
  • Gas Lighters of America: Mass Media Versus Vietnam


Articles on Reserve at the Chadbourne Library

Dr. Ehrhardt will soon place the following articles on Reserve at the Circulation Desk in the Chadbourne Library.  You must present your student ID to check out these articles.  The articles may not be taken out of the library, but you may photocopy them for your own personal research.

Analysis of Nixon’s November 3, 1969, address
Cherwitz, R. A. (1978). Lyndon Johnson and the “crisis” of Tonkin Gulf: A president’s justification for war. Western Journal of Speech Communication92, 93-104.

Hill, F. (1989). Conventional wisdom—traditional form—the president’s message of November 3, 1969. In S. K. Foss (Ed.).  Rhetorical criticism: Exploration & Practice (pp. 93-109). Prospect Heights: Waveland.

Newman, R. P. (1970). Under the veneer: Nixon’s Vietnam speech of November 3, 1969. Quarterly Journal of Speech56, 168-78.

Stelzer, H. G. (1971). The quest story and Nixon’s November 3, 1969 address. Quarterly Journal of Speech57, 163-72.

Antiwar Movement
Cox, J. R. (1974). Perspectives on rhetorical criticism of movements: Antiwar dissent, 1964-1970. Western Journal of Speech Communication38, 255-68.

Jurma, W. E. (1982). Moderate movement leadership and the Vietnam Moratorium Committee. Quarterly Journal of Speech68, 262-72.

Articles from Databases

Using the search tips on the left, search the following databases for relevant articles on the influence of mass media on the Vietnam War.

  • History Reference Center
  • Military & Government Collection

Examples of articles that one can find in these databases are


Katz, M. N. (April, 1980). The origins of the Vietnam War 1945-1948. The Review of Politics42(2), 131-151.

Buzzanco, B. (1986). The American military’s rational against the Vietnam War. Political Science Quarterly101(4), 559-576.