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Research Paper Help: Researching the Topic

What is a Primary Source?

Background Material - Statistics

Introduction to Research at Pensacola State

The Researching the Topic portion of this guide is intended as a "research project starter" and is divided into four parts. These are available by clicking one of the following links or by mousing over the Researching the Topic tab, then clicking on the appropriate link. For subject specific research guides, check out the library's Research Guides.

  • Books - for the established knowledge on a topic; for a broad approach to a topic. Individual chapters may contain more detailed information.
  • Articles - - from magazines (for reports on timely information in popular titles), journals (for focused and/or research articles in scholarly and peer reviewed titles) and newspapers (for daily recountings and/or editorials).
  • The Web - - for an interesting and often useful mix of information produced by well-established organizations, people or publishers as well as not so useful information produced by anyone.

Sidebars here provide links to search techniques, sources of background information such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and statistics for basic knowledge and facts on a topic. Other links provide information on primary vs secondary sources, and where to find information by more specific types, such as journal articles, experts, etc.

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