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Civic Literacy

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Florida's Civic Literacy Requirement

Per Section 1007.25 of the Florida Statutes, all students initially entering a State University System (SUS) and/or Florida College System (FCS) institution in 2018-2019 and thereafter must demonstrate competency in civic literacy.

  Students Included in Cohort Civic Literacy Competency Requirement
Cohort 1 Students first entering the SUS/FCS prior to fall 2018 None
Cohort 2 Students first entering the SUS/FCS in the fall 2018-summer A 2021 Complete a course or exam
Cohort 3 Students first entering the SUS/FCS in summer B 2021 and after Complete both a course and exam

The Florida Board of Governors (BOG) Regulation 8.006 requires students to demonstrate competency in civic literacy prior to graduation.

(a) To satisfy Course Competency: Successfully passing either POS X041 (American Government) or AMH X020 (Introductory Survey Since 1877)

(b) To satisfy Exam Competency: Achieving the standard score on one of the following assessments:

Assessment Standard Score Meets Exam Competency
Florida Civic Literacy Exam (FLCE) 48/80 or 60% yes
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Naturalization Test: Civics (U.S. History and government) with supplemental questions 60/100 or 60% yes

(c) Successfully passing an accelerated mechanism to satisfy either the Course or Exam Competency - or Both

Assessment Standard Score Meets Course Competency Meets Exam Competency
AP Gov and U.S. Politics 3 yes yes
AP U.S. History 4 yes yes
CLEP American Government 50 yes yes
Cambridge AICE History, U.S. History, c. 1789-1917 (AS-Level) A-E yes NO
IB History: History of America 5-7 yes NO