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Hurricane Preparedness

Cleaning Up

Following the storm, cleaning up can be just as overwhelming as prepping for the storm. Filing insurance claims, removing debris, and returning to normal life can be time consuming, but taking steps early to clean up can make the process less painful. 

  • Wear protective gear, such as gloves or coveralls, when removing debris.
  • Dispose of spoiled or unsafe food. 
  • If your home is damaged by water, open windows to help with ventilation and to air out your home. Remove any wet carpeting, or furniture. 
  • Separate debris by larger furniture, vegetation, large appliances, electronics, and household waste. 
  • Chainsaw safety should be a priority for removing large trees or limbs. Wear protective clothing and review safety manuals. If tree or limbs are on or near power lines, wait for proper authorities to assess the situation. 
  • Generators should never be operated indoors. Review your generators load, use heavy-gauge  extension cords, and only refill gas generators after they have cooled from use. 
  • Stay informed with local officials for news of clean ups, power restoration, and follow road procedures. Follow curfew orders if they are in place.

Finally, remember to restock your supply kit. The relief of the storm ending does not mean the end of Hurricane Season. Be sure to take the same precautions and prepared for the next one better than the last. Stay safe!

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