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Hurricane Preparedness

Keeping your furry and feathered friends safe during a storm

  • If you decide to not evacuate, be sure to keep your pets indoors or keep them secure if taking them outside. Do not leave them for too long a period should weather take a sudden turn. 
  • Keeping familiar items such as toys and blankets handy will help keep your pets calm and feeling safe. 
  • If you do decide to evacuate, take your pets with you. Leaving your pets to fend for themselves may result in injury or getting lost. 
    • If you need to leave, make arrangements with family or neighbors to keep, or find appropriate shelters or hotels that accept pets. 
  • Remember to keep your pets fed and hydrated. They will likely be scared and will neglect basic needs like food and using the restroom where appropriate. Keep your pets clean and reassured. 

Preparing your Pets for Storms

Your pets are family members. They need to be prepped for the storm too. Making their plans and kits the same time you start yours will ensure they are safe and ready for whatever happens. 

  • Never leave your pets to fend for themselves. They can be lost or injured. Finding shelters or pet friendly hotels can make possible evacuations easier. 
  • Have your pets microchipped. In the even your pet is lost, microchipping will help reunite you with them. This will help properly ID your pet if say their collar or identification tags are lost. Many vets have the tools and procedures available for low rates. 
  • Larger Animals need shelter too. Ensure that your larger animals have identification and shelters with ample supplies. Look into the possibilities of evacuation routes for them as well. Young and old creatures are particularly vulnerable during storms so tend to their needs first.

Just like you, your pet will need supply kit as well. 

  • Food for at least three days
  • Water for at least three day specifically for each pet
  • Medications and medical records, especially vet and vaccination documents
  • Pet first aid kit
  • Collars, leashes, and harnesses
  • Pet carriers or crates
  • Sanitation supplies such as litter, newspaper, and household cleaner for accidents


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